A place to stay. A place to heal.

A place to call home.

For cancer patients traveling to Baltimore, Maryland for treatment, the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge® program provides a free home away from home.

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Lt Col. (ret.) Julie Walker!

Give Hope

Baltimore is home to some of the best cancer treatment facilities in the world, and people come from all over the globe to receive lifesaving care. But for too many people, the cost of lodging prohibits them from making the potentially lifesaving trip.

To effectively respond to the needs of patients whose lives depend on equitable access to effective cancer treatment in Baltimore, the American Cancer Society has committed to relocating our Hope Lodge community to a new facility. This move will increase our guest rooms from 26 to 34, allowing us to expand our capacity by over 30%.  This enables us to offer an additional 2,920 room nights to cancer patients and caregivers annually, helping to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes by providing a free home away from home so patients can focus on getting better.

We need your help. Your support will allow us to expand and improve Hope Lodge Baltimore to meet the needs of more patients facing cancer. Your investment in the Hope Lodge program today is an investment in the lives of cancer patients for years to come, strengthening the cancer care continuum.

A new home for hope.

Since 1987, our local American Cancer Society Hope Lodge has been an inspiring example of Service, which is one of the four pillars of the Society’s mission, by providing a free place to stay and van transportation to patient treatment centers.

However, the facility must be updated to continue to meet the needs of the cancer patients whose lives depend on access to world-class treatment. Our Hope Lodge community has helped thousands of people since it opened, and we are asking for your help to make sure we can help thousands more.

Help us reach $10 million by donating today.

Updates to the new space will include:

  • Eight additional private guest suites with attached bathrooms

  • New guest suites with private sitting areas

  • ADA accessibility

  • Large, modern kitchen and dining room

  • Kitchen pods for individual meal preparation
  • Conference room

  • Activity spaces and areas for meditation

  • Outdoor patio and garden
  • Reflection garden
  • Fitness center
  • Living room with television area

  • Laundry facilities for guests

  • New plumbing, electrical, safety, and security features








Stories of Hope

What Patients and Their Loved Ones Say About Hope Lodge Baltimore

We came expecting a place to stay, but it is so much more than that. It is a real blessing and a home away from home.  We have met countless people here going through the same thing as we are, experiencing instant connections and building lifelong friendships. You have 24-hour support here with a staff whose care and hard work continually amaze us.” 

Tony, patient.

Hope Lodge Baltimore guest

Click the video to hear how the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge helped Delmar through his journey.

“Hope Lodge has made my father’s treatment and care so much more enriching. I can’t imagine what cancer patients would do without Hope Lodge. If we had to stay at a hotel, there would be no place to eat, no company or support, and no transportation.The people here are so generous and uplifting. We couldn’t have survived the treatment for my father without the Hope Lodge. It was a godsend.

Cynthia, caregiver.

Hope Lodge Baltimore guest