Helping Cancer Patients Far From Home Feel at Home

More than a home.

Baltimore’s world-renowned cancer treatment centers offer access to extraordinary care, including cutting-edge clinical trials, proton therapy, and immunotherapy, drawing patients from around the US and the globe. Unfortunately, finding a place to stay during treatment can be a very real challenge that may prevent patients from accessing the care they need. For many patients, the cost of traveling to Baltimore and staying for extended periods of time is beyond their financial capability. With a typical regimen of surgery and radiation therapy lasting from six to eight weeks, and hotel rooms costing approximately $175 a night, out-of-pocket expenses for lodging alone can exceed $9,000.

Hope Lodge Baltimore opened its doors to our first guests in 1987. Since then, thanks to the support of generous donors like you, thousands of patients and caregivers have found a welcoming home away from home close to the cancer treatment they need. Hope Lodge Baltimore provides a free, comfortable, safe place of healing for cancer patients and their caregivers, playing a critical role in their recovery. Our 26 guest rooms are consistently occupied, eliminating the significant financial and emotional burden of traveling for cancer treatment. More than 400 cancer patients and their caregivers stayed nearly 13,000 nights at Hope Lodge Baltimore in 2019, saving an estimated $2.3 million in out-of-pocket costs.


Access to World-Class Care and a Place of Healing


636 W Lexington St.

Baltimore, MD 21201

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